zodebala/Getty Images ... potere. The Future Tense in Italian Learn how to conjugate and use the Italian future tense. See also: More search functions. vedr-vivere. Example in Italian Translation in English; Il gruppo non puo' sapere che le informazioni vengono da noi. Consult conjugation models, verbs endings, irregular verbs and see their translation. Online conjugation: the best way to learn how to conjugate an Italian verb. The crew can't know information came from us. Conjugation table of the Italian verb potere with translations in various languages. It conjugates with the verb avere. Italian Etymology . Ma sfortunatamente il signor O'Brien sa delle informazioni. From Vulgar Latin *potēre, from Latin possum, posse. It conjugates with avere or essere, depending on the main verb used.If potere is the main verb, it conjugates with the verb avere. Conjugation: potere, tables of all Italien verbs. Support the free Verbix verb conjugation services © Verbix 1995-2020. potr-sapere. Potrebbe sapere informazioni che la metterebbero in pericolo. Conjugate 'potere'. When this verb stands alone, it takes avere in compound tenses. Potere is an irregular verb. Conjugation Italian verb votare. vivr- Since the stem of this verb ends in -t, the -ett- forms of the passato remoto sound clumsy and are commonly avoided. - At the end of September I will leave for Rome. Learn how to conjugate potere in various tenses. ... bere sentire venire correre mangiare piacere stare volere arrivare dare potere dire uscire fare vedere scrivere parlare essere cuocere . She could know information that puts her in danger. 1st conjugation verb - votare is transtive, intransitive (avere auxiliary) votare to the pronominal form : votarsi votare feminine. Share Flipboard Email Print Alla fine di settembre partirò per Roma. Conjugations of Italian verbs in all tenses. 'potere' is the model of its conjugation. Type the verb or adjective (conjugated or declined forms are possible). When it's used as such, volere takes the auxiliary required by the verb it is serving. It is transitive. infinitive: potere: auxiliary verb: avere: gerund: potendo: present participle: potente: past participle: potuto: person singular plural first second third first second third indicative io tu The helping or modal verbs, volere (to want), dovere (to have to), and potere (to be able to), appropriately called in Italian verbi servili, or servile verbs, enable the expression of the action of other verbs in the light of our wish, intention, or determination; … Write the infinitive and the Italian conjugator will display forms for congiuntivo, condizionale, passato prossimo. sapr-vedere. All rights reserved. Potere - Verb conjugation in Italian. At OnlineItalianClub.com see free explanations of the main Italian tenses and how they work. For example, if you couple volere with andare, which is an intransitive verb that takes essere, in the compound tenses volere takes essere: Sono voluta andare a casa (I wanted to go home). The ... Conjugation of potere. Italian Verb POTERE - to be able to.

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