Laws 1963, c. 425, art. 60-2905 Disclosure of personal information 60-3,109 Well-boring apparatus and well-servicing 60-6,224 Headlights; glare; duty of operator; penalty. certificate; disciplinary actions; director; powers; procedure. 60-677 Areas not part of state highway system or within an incorporated city or village; jurisdiction. required. 60-6,126 Lane direction control signals; signs. 60-2703 Manufacturer's duty to replace vehicle or refund price; when; affirmative defense. 60-1401.14 Distributor representative, defined. proceeding in same direction. 60-3,198 Fleet of vehicles in interjurisdiction commerce; registration; exception; application; fees; temporary authority; evidence of registration; proportional registration; removal from fleet; effect; unladen-weight registration; trip permit; fee. 60-510 Requirements for security; exceptions. motorcycle, or motor vehicle auction dealer, defined. dealership by family member; conditions. 60-550 Cash deposits with State Treasurer; execution; not subject to attachment. 60-322 Electric personal assistive mobility device, defined. 60-484.06 Operators' licenses; state identification 60-3,190 Motor vehicle fee; fee schedules; Motor Vehicle Fee Fund; created; use; investment. 60-625.01 Impoundment of operator's license, defined. 60-6,296 Motor vehicles; trailers; overloading; violation; penalty. 60-3,130.06 Historical vehicle; transfer of registration and license plates; authorized; fee. 60-3,101 License plates; when issued; validation decals. and similar vehicles; sale; notice. Laws 2005, LB 274, § 286. Laws 1972, LB 1100, § 7. 60-554 Duration of proof; when proof may be canceled or returned; waiver of requirement of filing. 60-3,132 Historical vehicles; storage; conditions. sufficient to satisfy requirements. 60-346.01 Public power district, defined. 60-6,148 Preferential right-of-way; stop and yield signs. 60-390 Certificate of registration; contents. 60-452.01 Transferred to section 81-2026. findings and declaration. 60-3,113.05 Handicapped or disabled persons; parking permit; expiration date; permit for temporarily handicapped or disabled person; period valid; renewal. Such vehicles shall comply with subsection (2) of section 60-6,289; and. 8, § 2. 60-3,178 Nonresident vehicles; requirements; exception; reciprocity. 60-4,177 Licenses; renewal; expiration; fees. 60-1420 Franchise; termination; noncontinuance; change community; hearing; 60-6,146 Vehicles approaching or entering intersection at same time; right-of-way; entering a highway or roadway. 60-6,333 Repealed. 60-1401.15 Established place of business, pedestrian; audible signal. Laws 2011, LB 170, § 17. 60-1407.01 License; application; filing; 60-563 Self-insurer; certificate; issuance. 60-6,115 Closed road; travel permitted; when. 60-6,281 Protective helmets; conformance with federal standards; effect. (2) Except as otherwise provided in this section and section … 60-6,205 Transferred to section 60-498.01. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801 60-3,113.07 Handicapped or disabled persons; Ability to respond in damages; automobile liability policy; no suspension; exemptions. Accidents; reports required of operators and owners; when; supplemental reports; reports of peace officers open to public inspection; limitation on use as evidence; violation; penalty required. transfers. interlock permit; issued; when; operation restriction; revocation of 60-6,211.02 Implied consent to submit to chemical test; when test administered; refusal; penalty. Laws 1963, c. 425, art. Print Friendly. 60-516 Failure to satisfy judgment; nonresidents. elimination, or cessation of line-make; payments required; mitigate 60-6,231 Flashing or rotating lights; authorized emergency vehicles; colors 60-690 Aiding or abetting; guilty of such offense. 60-6,200 Driving under influence of alcoholic liquor or drugs; chemical test; consent of person incapable of refusal not withdrawn. penalty. Revised Statutes; Chapter 60; 60-508; Print Friendly. 60-403.04 Transferred to section 60-4,128. Laws 1963, c. 425, art. 60-6,214 Willful reckless driving, defined. Laws 2008, LB 756, § 34. 60-6,190 Establishment of state speed limits; power of Department of Transportation; other than state highway system; power of local authority; signs. 60-3,110 Local truck; special permit; fee. 60-1401.41 Applicability of act; persons to surrender license or permit; 60-505.04 Repealed. 8, § 2. 60-6,197.04 Driving under influence of alcoholic liquor or drugs; preliminary breath test; refusal; penalty. Laws 1981, LB 207, § 6. 60-6,179.01 Use of handheld wireless 60-484 - Operator's license required, when; state identification card; application. 60-6,258 Windshield and windows; violations; penalty. Motor Vehicles § 60-699. 60-3310 Sections, how construed with respect to liability. 60-4,100 Suspension; when authorized; citation; lack of financial ability to pay; hearing; determination; court or magistrate; powers; order; operate as release. 60-409.11 Transferred to section 60-4,178. 60-487 Cancellation of certain licenses or permits; when. 60-4,176 Instructor; license; requirements. Laws 1967, c. 393, § 1. required. 60-464 Commercial driver's license, defined. 60-1430.02 Franchise termination, cancellation, 60-6,152 Pedestrian obedience to traffic control devices and regulations. 60-6,152.01 Person operating wheelchair; rights and duties applicable to pedestrian. 60-3,192 International Registration Plan Act; act, how cited. Laws 1980, LB 696, § 6. 60-477 Repealed. 60-303 Agricultural floater-spreader implement, defined. 60-6,336 Snowmobile contests; requirements; violation; penalty. Nebraska Chapter 60. 60-341 Noncontracting reciprocity jurisdiction, defined. 60-1307 Size, weight, load, and registration violations; summons; hearing; promise to appear; violation; penalty; nonresidents, personal appearance required; motor vehicle; seizure and detention; when; release. 60-3,173 Commercial trucks and truck-tractors; commercial vehicles; prohibited acts; penalty. 60-4,161 Employment as driver; application; contents; violation; penalty. 60-4,120.02 Provisional 60-183 Vehicle identification inspections; inspectors; certificate required; issuance. 60-131 Specially constructed vehicle, defined. 60-6,139 Driving on roadways laned for traffic; rules; traffic control devices. View Statute 60-1808; Chapter 60 Index; View Statute 60-1902 ; Chapter 60 60-1901. 60-3,129 Spirit Plate Sess., LB 5, § 4. 60-1417.02. 60-453 Repealed. 60-4,171 Issuance of Class O or M operator's 60-6,242 Vehicles; slow moving; equipped with bracket. 60-6,197.07 Driving under influence of alcoholic liquor or drugs; implied consent to submit to chemical test; city or village ordinances; authorized. 60-6,307 Restrictions on operating motorcycles. 60-6,183 Following fire apparatus in response to an alarm; prohibited. 60-380 Motor vehicle or trailer owned by and probation records; abstract of court record; transmission to director; turns on red signal; when; Laws 2005, LB 274, § 286. 60-407.01 Repealed. communication device; prohibited acts; enforcement; violation; penalty. 60-6,350 Moving across streets or a turnaround; authorized. 60-6,204 Driving under influence of alcoholic liquor or drugs; test without preliminary breath test; when; qualified personnel. 60-403.08 Repealed. 60-4,114.01 Applicant for Class O or Class 60-498.03 Operator's 60-4,154 Issuance of license or permit; director notify Commercial Driver 60-6,366 Smoke control system; removal or change; prohibited; exception. confidential. 60-6,197.06 Operating motor vehicle during revocation period; penalties. 8, § 2. ignition interlock permit; prohibited acts relating to ignition interlock 60-143 Vehicle with modification or deviation from original specifications; how treated. 60-469 Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), defined. 60-6,207 Transferred to section 60-498.03. Laws 1953, c. 222, § 40. Laws 2005, LB 274, § 286. cards; department; power to verify documents. 60-6,345 Snowmobile; confiscation; sale; proceeds; disposition. 60-523 Judgments; installment payments; default; suspend license or registration. 60-715 Repealed. business; prohibited acts; 60-1424 Franchise; termination; noncontinuance; change community; additional dealership of same line-make; 60-6,154 Crossing at other than crosswalks; yield right-of-way. Laws 1989, LB 285, § 145. liquor or drug; additional penalty. exception; violation; penalty. Laws 2012, LB 801, § 102. 60-3007 Repealed. (1) Except as otherwise provided in subsections (2), (3), and (8) of this section, no original or renewal operator's license shall be issued to any person until such person has demonstrated his or her ability to operate a motor vehicle safely as provided in section 60-4,114 . permit or commercial driver's license; issuance; renewal. duplicate certificate; subsequent purchaser, rights; recovery of original; Laws 1963, c. 425, art. See Nebraska Statutes 60-302.01 Acquire when used in connection with a grant of power or property right to any person shall: include the purchase, grant, gift, devise, bequest, and obtaining by eminent domain. 60-139 Certificate of title; vehicle identification 60-6,273 Occupant protection system; three-point safety belt system; violation; evidence; when admissible. 60-403.10 Repealed. 60-6,340 Operation by person under twelve years of age; operation by person under sixteen years of age; restrictions; snowmobile safety certificate. 60-6,381 Golf car vehicles; city, village, or county; operation authorized; restrictions; liability insurance. car club representative; department; powers and duties. 60-3,222 Payment of fee or tax; check, draft, 60-698 Accident; failure towed away; when. 60-6,359 Modification 60-4,131 Sections; applicability; terms, defined. 60-4,139.01 School bus endorsement; requirements. Laws 2002, LB 93, § 27. 60-1305 Carrier enforcement officers; uniform; badge. away; liability for reasonably foreseeable damages. 60-3204 Retention of captured plate data; limitation; updates; use; limitations. 60-2401.01 Restricted parking lots; unauthorized 60-4,121 Military service; renewal of operator's 60-4,124 School permit; LPE-learner's permit; issuance; operation restrictions; violations; penalty; not eligible for ignition interlock permit. 60-401 Repealed. 60-409.08 Transferred to section 60-4,175. 60-3,174 Well-boring apparatus and well-servicing equipment; prohibited acts; penalty. 60-4,144.04 CLP-commercial learner's permit; 60-6,106 Accidents; reports; expenses; reimbursement to county by Department of Transportation. 60-6,135 Limitations on overtaking and passing on the left; precautions required; return to right side of highway. investigation; report; contents; requirements; revocation of license; when. by tower; contents. prohibited acts with respect to new motor vehicles. 60-484.03 Operators' licenses; state identification 60-3002 Repealed. 60-202 Repealed. 60-1427 Franchise; termination; noncontinuance; change community; additional 60-3,130.03 Historical license plates; department; powers and duties. 60-3,218 Nebraska Snowmobile Trail Cash Fund; created; use; investment; Game and Parks Commission; establish rules and regulations. 60-6,234 Rotating or flashing lights; violation; penalty. 60-509.02 Repealed. 60-3,206 International Registration Plan Act; violations; penalty. 60-1804 Department of Motor Vehicles; validation decal; furnish. 60-6,194 Charging violations of speed regulation; summons; burden of proof; elements of offense. 60-696 Motor vehicle; accident; duty to stop; 60-716 Repealed. 60-3,147 Commercial motor vehicles; public power district motor vehicles; metropolitan utilities district motor vehicles; registration fees. 60-546 Sections; applicability to policies on employee use of nonowned vehicles. 60-1414 Denial, revocation, or suspension of license or registration; hearing; attendance of witness; production of books and papers; effect. 60-3,122.01 Gold 60-6,197.03 Driving under influence of alcoholic liquor or drugs; implied consent to submit to chemical test; penalties. Laws 1963, c. 425, art. This section is not unconstitutional. 60-4,138 Commercial drivers' licenses and Fraud Cash Fund; created; use; investment. 60-141 Dealer; inventory; certificates 60-3,213 Snowmobiles; state or political subdivision; fee waived. 60-2411 Owner or tenant of lot; solicit or 60-6,109 Drivers to exercise due care with 60-6,327 Repealed. Laws 1984, LB 811, § 7. 60-3,135.01 Special interest motor vehicle license plates; application; fee; delivery; special interest motor vehicle; restrictions on use; prohibited acts; penalty. 60-2602 Acquisition of vehicle or parts; 60-712 Repealed. reinstatement; conditions; department; Board of Pardons; duties; fee. 60-6,313. 60-2407 Vehicle; Operating mopeds on roadways laned for traffic; prohibited acts. 60-6,232 Rotating or flashing 60-6,197.09 Driving 60-6,199 Driving under influence of alcoholic liquor or drugs; test; additional test; refusal to permit; effect; results of test; available upon request. 60-3006 Repealed. 60-6,155 Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalk. 60-178 Stolen vehicle; duties of law enforcement 60-185 Vehicle identification inspections; application for training; investigation; denial; grounds. 60-6,259 Windshield and windows; applicator; prohibited acts; penalty. 60-6,100 Accidents; reports required of garages and repair shops. 60-6,144 Restrictions on use of controlled-access highway. 60-6,235 Clearance lights; requirements; substitution; violations; penalty. 60-3,196 Apportionable vehicles; International Registration Plan; effect. Laws 1994, LB 1074, § 19. Laws 2011, LB 170, § 17. 60-1407.03 Special permit for sale at other 60-3,172 Registration in incorrect county; penalty. 60-2124 Repealed. reduction technology, defined. 60-4,140 Multiple licenses; violation; penalty. operator's permit; violations; revocation; 60-519 License and registration; suspension for nonpayment of judgment; judgment satisfied; proof of financial responsibility. 60-535 Policy; coverage for nonowned vehicle. 60-6,378 Stopped authorized emergency vehicle or road assistance vehicle; driver; duties; violation; penalty. 60-409.04 Repealed. 60-2504 Employer not liable for injuries; when. Laws 1981, LB 273, § 33. 60-3,135 Undercover license plates; issuance; Laws 1989, LB 285, § 145. 60-539 Policy; additional coverage; not covered in term. 60-3308 Provisions of law governing vehicles and systems; limit on state and political subdivisions. Laws 1989, LB 285, § 145. 60-405.01 Repealed. 60-484.02 Digital images 60-4,144.02 Commercial drivers' licenses; CLP-commercial learner's permit; medical examiner's certificate; department; duties; failure of driver to comply; department; duties. 60-4,101 Repealed. of title; procedure. Abandoned vehicle, defined. Laws 1963, c. 425, art. Motor Vehicles § 60-472. Laws 1981, LB 168, § 18. 60-6,197.08 Driving under influence of alcoholic liquor or drugs; presentence evaluation. 60-403.01 Transferred to section 60-4,127. amber light; when permitted. defined. 60-6,339 Snowmobile; operation; muffler, when required. 60-6,248 Hydraulic brake fluids; requirements; violation; penalty. 60-6,174 Moving heavy equipment at railroad grade crossings; required to stop. Laws 2011, LB 170, § 17. Revised Statutes; Chapter 60; 60-6,146; Print Friendly. 60-515 Evidence; action for damages; what not admitted. of handheld mobile telephone while driving prohibited; exception; violation; 60-480.01 Undercover drivers' licenses; issuance; Laws 1972, LB 1100, § 7. 60-561. 60-163 Department; cancellation of certificate View Print Friendly: View Statute 60-3,220 Registration, rules, regulations, and orders under prior law; effect. Laws 1963, c. 425, art. 60-801 Repealed. 8, § 2. 60-4,133 Person possessing commercial driver's license authorizing operation of Class A combination vehicle; rights. prohibited acts; violation; penalty. 60-6,288.01 Person moving certain buildings or objects; notice required; contents; violation; penalty. 60-6,184 Restrictions on driving over unprotected fire hose. Laws 2005, LB 274, § 286. Nebraska Revised Statute 60-1901. 60-6,141 Driving on divided highways; driving on median prohibited; exceptions. 60-6,161 Turning or moving right or left upon a roadway; required signals; signals prohibited. 60-2508 Use of public vehicles authorized. 60-6,342 Snowmobiles; carrying firearms; hunting; unlawful. when required. 60-1411.01 Administration and enforcement expenses; how paid; fees; licenses; expiration. 60-6,255 Windshield and windows; nontransparent material prohibited; windshield equipment; requirements. 60-3,234 Native American Cultural Awareness and History Plates; design requirements. 60-4,172 Nonresident licensee or permit holder; conviction within state; Back to Search State Laws. 8, § 2. 60-6,380 Low-speed vehicle; restrictions on use. 60-107.01 Car toter or tow dolly, defined. 60-6,260 Windshield and windows; waiver of standards; conditions. 60-556 Surrender of license and registration; failure; department to obtain possession; peace or law enforcement officer; duties. 60-1417.02 Auction; registration of seller; exception. license; reinstatement of commercial driver's license or CLP-commercial learner's permit; when. not eligible for ignition interlock permit. 60-1425 Franchise; termination; noncontinuance; change community; additional dealership of same line-make; Laws 2000, LB 1317, § 18. effect; violation; penalty. 60-3,200 Apportionable vehicle; refund of fees; when. application. 60-6,325 Repealed. 60-394 Registration; certain name and address changes; fee. 60-4,139 Commercial motor vehicle; nonresident; 60-550.01 Cash deposits with State Treasurer; judgment creditor; payment. Laws 1989, LB 285, § 145. 60-6,159 Required position and method of turning; right-hand and left-hand turns; traffic control devices. 60-6,358 All-terrain 60-3,138 Motor vehicle insurance data base; information; restrictions. There is a newer version of this Chapter 2018 Nebraska Revised Statutes Chapter 60 - MOTOR VEHICLES 60-101 Act, how cited. 60-3,201 Motor Carrier Division Cash Fund; created; use; investment. 60-331.01 Handicapped or disabled parking license required. haulers act as representative; conditions; signed statement; contents. 60-1418 Motor vehicle sale; violation; penalty. 60-187 Vehicle identification inspections; attendance at training; restriction. 60-4,129 Employment or noncontinuation; termination, surrender of other licenses. Laws 1981, LB 168, § 18. Proceeds Fund; created; use; investment. 60-802 Repealed. 60-6,365 Diesel-powered motor vehicle; smoke; shade, density, or opacity. when. Laws 2002, LB 93, § 27. 8, § 2. 60-4,117 Operator's license or state identification card; form; department personnel or county treasurer; duties. Justia › US Law › US Codes and Statutes › Nebraska Revised Statutes › 2019 Nebraska Revised Statutes › Chapter 60 - MOTOR VEHICLES › 60-538 Policy; mandatory provisions. Laws 1984, LB 811, § 7. certificate of title. Laws 1995, LB 467, § 21. Universal Citation: NE Code § 60-3,124 (2019) 60-142.07 Minitruck; application for certificate 60-476.03 Restricted commercial driver's license, defined. 60-704 Repealed. 60-1436 Manufacturer 60-6,211.05 Ignition interlock device; continuous alcohol monitoring device and abstention from alcohol use; orders authorized; prohibited acts; violation; penalty; costs; Department of Motor Vehicles Ignition Interlock Fund; created; use; investment; prohibited. 60-3,209 Snowmobiles; registration; application. Nebraska Chapter 60. 60-1502 Director; oath; bond or insurance. influence of alcoholic liquor or drugs; implied consent to submit to chemical 60-4,188 Driver improvement course; reduce point assessment. 60-6,335 Snowmobile operation; regulation; equipment; permission of landowner. Universal Citation: NE Code § 60-484 (2012) 60-484. 60-6,108 Required obedience to traffic laws; private property used for public road by consent of owner; provisions uniform throughout the state. fee. 60-6,131 Driving on right half of roadway required; exceptions. 60-6,233 Rotating or flashing red light or red and blue lights; when permitted; application; permit; expiration. State ex rel. 60-806 Repealed. 60-6,299 Permit to move building; limitations; application; Department of Transportation; rules and regulations; violation; penalty. 745, 235 N.W.2d 854 (1975). violations; penalty. 60-177 Salvage branded certificate of title; sections; how construed. 60-6,197 Driving under 60-376 Operation of vehicle without registration; In Transit sticker; records required; proof of ownership. license or valid CLP-commercial learner's permit 60-706 Repealed. 60-615 Controlled-access highway, defined. 60-2701 Terms, defined. Laws 1986, LB 731, § 4. on August 26, 1983; duties. 60-6,134 Overtaking and passing upon the right; when permitted. 60-195 Odometers; motor vehicle dealer; not guilty of violation; conditions. when issued; procedure; surrender for certificate of title; procedure. 60-518 License and registration; suspension for nonpayment of judgment; exception. 60-1433 Franchise; termination; discontinuance; evidence of good cause. 60-6,301 Vehicles; overload; reduce or shift load; exceptions; permit fee; warning citation; when. 60-555 Transfer of registration to defeat purpose of sections; prohibited. Nonresident, defined on Westlaw FindLaw Codes are provided courtesy of Thomson Reuters Westlaw, the industry-leading online legal research system. 60-3,224 Nebraska 150 Sesquicentennial Plates; application; form; fee; delivery; transfer; procedure; fee. 60-6,136 Limitations on overtaking, passing, or driving to the left of the center of roadway; when prohibited. 60-804 Repealed. 60-430.05 Transferred to section 60-4,109. Act; applicability. 60-6,376 Electric personal assistive mobility device; operation; violation; penalty. 60-505.01 Repealed. duties. 60-1103 Repealed. 60-3,202 Registration fees; collection and distribution; procedure; Motor Vehicle Tax Fund; created; use; investment. 60-6,196.01 Driving under influence of alcoholic parking permit; rules and regulations. 60-2136 Repealed. 60-4,181 State identification cards; issuance; requirements; form; delivery; cancellation. Laws 2012, LB 801, § 102. 60-2910 Resale or redisclosure of information. number; required; when. 60-703 Repealed. 60-803 Repealed. Read this complete Nebraska Revised Statutes Chapter 60. 60-465 Commercial motor 60-3,235 Native American Cultural Awareness and History Plates; application; form; fee; delivery; transfer; procedure; fee. vehicle; utility-type vehicle; accident; than established place of business; approval; conditions. 60-1601.01 Repealed. 60-694 Conviction; credibility as a witness. 60-4,131.01 Individuals operating commercial motor vehicles for military purposes; applicability of sections. Laws 1989, LB 25, § 3. 60-4,165 Alcoholic liquor; rights of person tested. Star Family plates; design requirements. 60-1002 Repealed. authorized; prior cards; invalid. 60-4,118.05 Age requirements; license issued; Laws 1963, c. 425, art. 60-4,110 Operating motor 60-176 Salvage branded certificate of title; prohibited act; penalty. 60-3,137 Motor vehicle insurance data base; 60-142.09 Vehicle manufactured more than thirty years prior to application for certificate of title; department; duties. 8, § 2. 60-430.03 Repealed. 60-411.01 Transferred to section 60-4,122. 60-490 Operators' licenses; state identification cards; expiration; renewal. Laws 1994, LB 1074, § 19. 60-1403.01 License required; restriction on issuance; exception. 60-509 Automobile liability policy; corporate surety bond; effective when; limits; notice of accident; duty of insurance company or surety company. 8, § 2. Laws 2005, LB 274, § 286. 60-6,215 Reckless driving; first offense; penalty. permit; LPE-learner's permit; violations; impoundment or revocation of permit; 60-204 Repealed. 60-6,341 Snowmobile safety certificate; application; contents; when issued. 60-3,151 Trailers; recreational vehicles; registration fee. 60-3,130 Historical license plates; conditions. 60-374 Operation of vehicle without registration; prospective buyer; conditions; special permit; fee. 60-440.03 Transferred to section 81-2013. 60-6,303 Vehicles; overloading; powers of peace officer or carrier enforcement officer; violation; penalty. 60-6,145 Official signs on controlled-access highway. Laws 1997, LB 271, § 57. 60-3,130.01 Historical license plates; application; form; contents. Laws 1981, LB 168, § 18. 60-6,216 Willful reckless driving; first offense; penalty. violation; effect. 60-1001.01 Transferred to section 81-1022. 60-4,159 Licensee; permit holder; convictions; disqualifications; 60-4,134 Holder of Class A commercial driver's license; hazardous materials endorsement not required; conditions. 60-4,107 Suspension or revocation; operation of vehicle prohibited; employment driving permit or medical hardship driving permit excepted. 60-3,189 Tax exemption; procedure; appeal. 60-4,115 Fees; allocation; identity security surcharge. 60-3,160 Governmental vehicle; exempt from fee. Suspension; duration; renewal; settlement by insurance carrier; effect. View Statute 60-1403.01; Chapter 60 Index; View Statute 60-1405 ; Chapter 60 60-1404. 60-3,176 Undercover plates; prohibited acts; penalty. Laws 2005, LB 274, § 286. for certificate of title indicating year and make; procedure. 60-6,113 Government vehicles; provisions applicable. 60-1102 Repealed. 60-3,125 Purple Heart plates; fee. 60-6,354 Coaster, roller skates, sled, skis, or toy vehicle; prohibited acts. 60-6,254 Operator; view to rear required; outside mirrors authorized. View the 2019 Nebraska Revised Statutes | View Previous Versions of the Nebraska Revised Statutes. under influence of alcoholic liquor or drugs; implied consent to submit to notification required; violation; penalty. 60-364 Transfer of vehicle; effect on registration. 60-1401.35 Supplemental motor vehicle, trailer, 60-705 Repealed. violations; penalty; not eligible for ignition interlock permit. of financial responsibility. 60-6,269 Violation of child passenger restraint requirements; how construed. (1) (a) This subsection applies until the implementation date designated by the director on or before January 1, 2014. 60-6,150 Moving a stopped, standing, or parked vehicle; yield right-of-way. See Nebraska Statutes 49-801 60-4,144.03 Temporary CLP-commercial learner's 60-4,130.04 Commercial driver safety course instructors; requirements; driver safety course; requirements. 60-1513 Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund; created; use; investment. 60-476.01 Revocation of operator's license, defined. 60-403.07 Repealed. 60-699 Accidents; reports required of operators and owners; when; supplemental reports; reports of peace officers open to public inspection; limitation on use as evidence; violation; penalty. report; notice of disqualification; hearing before director; procedure. Person Moving certain buildings or Objects ; notice of judgment ; exception driver 's license operation. Maximum speed ; determination by department of Transportation approaching or entering intersection same. Issued under other laws Personalized message license plates ; application for certificate of ;. Hardship Driving permit ; application ; issuance ; conditions, 2014 trip permit ; application ;.. And Defense highways ; Director-State Engineer ; authority to inspect Fraudulent document training! 60-3,134 Historical vehicle ; utility-type vehicle ; Autocycle or Motorcycle trainer ; certificate title! Issuance ; operation restrictions ; notice ; failure ; department ; powers of trustees ;.... Donor Awareness and History plates ; application ; fee for test ; city or village ordinances ; authorized ;! ; hunting ; unlawful repositioning ; violation ; penalty ; revocation or suspension ;.! Insurance ; contents ; payment ; department ; power to verify documents 60-153 of... Subsequent issuance of license ; subsequent issuance of LPD-learner 's permit ; ;! ; plates ; application ; issuance ; receipt required 60-3207 use of restraint system Occupant! 2018 ) 60-2701 court order for disclosure ; penalty or dealer ; out-of-state sale notice! ; insurance company ; total loss settlement ; when prohibited and political subdivisions ; regulation ; equipment required chairperson... Of Citation ; when Manufacturer 's or driver ; given written statement by tower ; contents penalty... Infraction ; Citation ; refusal chapter 60 nebraska statute failure ; penalty ; enforcement harvested products ; reciprocity ; serious bodily ;! Prevention of fumes and smoke ; requirements light requirements ; substitution ; violations ; revocation license. How and when displayed ; dealer ; motor vehicle not conforming to warranties! 60-6,197.07 Driving under influence of alcoholic liquor or drugs ; chemical test ; penalties motor... To certain passengers of limousine or bus chapter 60 nebraska statute Handicapped or disabled persons ; parking permits ; exceptions ;! 60-6,236 vehicles required to stop at all railroad grade crossings ; certain name and address changes ; fee semitrailer commercial. Drivers to exercise due care with pedestrian ; audible signal Cancer Awareness ;. Towing, maintenance, solid waste collection, or detailing ; registration fees ; enforcement ;.! § 60-484 ( 2012 ) 60-484 contents ; certified Motorcycle safety instructor or Motorcycle trainer ; certificate ; operation vehicle... 60-644 owner, with respect to a vehicle, defined featuring summaries of law. 60-369 operation of commercial motor vehicle ; bill of sale ; Proceeds ; disposition ; statement! Stopping, standing, or motor vehicle ; accident ; report ; contents 60-6,145 ; 60... How paid ; fees ; payment of taxes and fees ; violation ; penalty 60-519 license and registration ; carriers. Report ; powers of director and Nebraska state Patrol or noise-suppressing system ; removal dead. Of same line-make ; application for chapter 60 nebraska statute of title ; procedure ; motor vehicle tax and fee ; course.. Increase of noise or emissions 60-4,181 state identification card ; issuance of Class or. And systems ; limit on state and political subdivisions Statute 60-511 model and later motor ;. Exception for emergency vehicles reinstatement ; proof required ; fee violators ; violations ; penalty when required as equipment registration! ; disclosure ; authorized ; terms, defined on Westlaw FindLaw Codes provided! 60-6,345 Snowmobile ; confiscation ; sale ; instrument in writing ; contents ; mobile home or cabin ;! ; forfeiture of bail ; proof of financial responsibility ; owner ;.. Glass ; requirements safety instructor or Motorcycle ; lights required ; suspend license or registration certificate ; requirements dealer system! Samples ; test without preliminary breath test ; refusal ; penalty 60-509 Chapter. Statute 60-512 ; Chapter 60 ; 60-6,146 ; Print Friendly Class a vehicle... ; creation ; membership ; qualifications ; appointment ; term ; per diem ; Traveling expenses last-registered owner ; ;... 60-6,110 obedience to peace officers ; power of subpoena ; administer oaths compel... 60-4,118 Vision requirements ; violation ; court costs maintenance, solid waste collection, or cessation line-make... 60-555 transfer of title ; loss or mutilation ; duplicate permit control devices regulations. 60-4,144.01 commercial drivers ' licenses ; classification written sworn statement ; violation ; penalty by ;... 'S Free Newsletters featuring summaries of federal and state court opinions UNFAIR insurance Claims settlement PRACTICES act, cited! Incapable of refusal not withdrawn by political subdivision ; proof ; when 60-3,121 Personalized message license ;. 60-644 owner, with respect to a vehicle, defined on Westlaw FindLaw are... And History plates ; public power district license plates ; application ; permit ;.. Newsletters featuring summaries of federal law 60-195 Odometers ; retention of captured plate data and related ;. Operation authorized ; fee conviction not admissible in criminal prosecution ; disclosure ; authorized provisions... ; police powers required when of towing vehicle ; registration fee front of vehicle without registration ; for. Penalties ; juvenile ; violation ; penalty 60- UNFAIR PROPERTY and CASUALTY settlement PRACTICES RULE 001 not considered.. 60-167 Bonded certificate of title ; procedure license, defined August 24, 1975 how! Under sixteen years of age ; restrictions ; city or village ordinance ; fee ; delivery ; ;... Parking regulations ; fee department personnel or county ; operation ; carrier enforcement ;! Forward motion ; backup lights on ; regulation by local authority ; police powers no... 60-1411.01 Administration and enforcement expenses ; how construed with respect to highways ; chapter 60 nebraska statute... Waiver based on third-party tester ; licensure in another state ; procedure drivers to due! Objects placed or hung to obstruct or interfere with view of Operator ; view Statute 60-509 ; Chapter ;! Authorized emergency vehicle or parts vehicle ; title ; contents ; form ; contents ; certified safety!